Butterick B5495 Maxi Dress

Here’s my first dressmaking blog – starting with the latest project. I’m starting ‘backwards’ but you gotta start somewhere right?  So many sewist blogs around the world have inspired me to write my own experiences. Thank you all the girls in US…


This maxi dress looked great on others with a similar spread to me!    Sew I made it for myself.  There were changes…

Firstly I wanted to use this Gorgeous Fabrics ITY : strata-lightful ITY jersey- purple tones’.  This vibrant fabric had a mirror image design down the centre. The neckline of the pattern was too loooow…especially that I’m a kiwi living in Brunei!

Second, the shoulders were very wide, this I needed to change so I added about 8mm elastic to gather in (added into the seam).  This also added strength to the fabric falling from the shoulders.

Lastly, the tab under the bust ended up making the dress too tight and the dress simply looked too fitting at the back. I have slightly sway back. So I re-cut the tab 7cm longer, end result more room all around under the bust. It now fits perfectly with softer pleats down the c.f.  I left the lower edge unhemmed,  Gotta love that ITY!


Bonus……. when I was putting the dress back on my dress form, I loved where it dropped – I think I’ll make a dress that looks like this!

New Style...


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