Crushed Tee

crushed tee1a

I love crushed fabrics, and have a great stash.  When I can find I buy – this deep cobalt colour is gorgeous and the only place I could find this fine quality is in Germany  called ‘crash jersey’, I’ve since found some at Marcy Tilton’s site also.   The other multi colour fabrics came from Marcy Tilton’s site.

I used my own rough tee pattern and marked off where I wanted the cuts to follow the body. then I traced off the pieces with very small seam allowances – I only allow enough for the ‘serger’ or overlocker as we call it in Aust/NZ.  So there is no actual allowance.  You have to get the fit right at the start.  I overlock all the pieces once cut. Then I pin the pieces together and sew a straight stitch to put it al together.  I attached some eyelet tape across the front, not so much to break up the pieces more but to actually bring it all together.  I love wearing this, no ironing, and the colour is bold but not bright!

Yay, I just found more CRUSHED fabrics on

crushed tee1


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