Lined Winter Coat

Regans denim n leather6

Burda #6036

I made a coat with a soft woven denim fabric.  Woven, not printed, Finished look of fabric made to look faded.  Very nice stretch quality from Marcy Tilton.

This pattern originally came from Burda downloadable patterns.  But I don’t see the pattern reviewed anywhere (Nancy #6036).  Was relatively easy to make, i omitted the pleated shoulder attachment, but kept the theme with the pockets and back tab, pleated.   I completely lined the coat with no seams showing, all machine stitched.

Regans denim n leather

Leather tabs for closing

Regans denim n leather5

Shoulder set by tailoring methods

I love the collar, the cut was excellent, Burda did this well.  The detail of the pocket here, where I used the tie-dye lining (satin poly) as the edging, and a black jacquard piece I had in my stash for the pleating.

Regans denim n leather2

Pocket detail

The Back tab had to be re-sewn as the coat was too big and after taking in the side seams, mainly in the waist, the tab had to be re-sewn.  Made a few adjustments with regards to attaching and finishing.

Regans denim n leather4

Back Detail


Regans denim n leather3