Gearing up for some serious SEWING!

Long time no post. That is because I’ve been doing the office job and finally finish up in 2 weeks! thats when the real fun starts, the designing, maybe even a bit of steam punk,  with full time creative angles.

Actually most of my creations are posted on as there is a huge group of sewists and creative designers all linked there.

The stash is outa hand SERIOUSLY now.  How does anyone manage to duplicate such a stash in 2 countries? It occurred to me this doubles when I return to Australia in 6 months.  Back home in Australia accumulation over 20 years, and here in Brunei over the last 2 years!  Where am I going to put all this?  I plan to run art side  (opposite to ‘dark side’) sewing classes with some of my stash, canvas art with some unusual combos to boot..

Brunei is a lot tidier than my Australian creation-space, so lets hope I have learnt to stay tidy when I return.

Brunei sewing room2

the hidden stash

I’m also learning fashion in CS6 photoshop.  It is totally new to me, but fabulous to create the design and apply the fabrics, and this one is still not complete!

cs6 fashion application

Having fun as usual in that ‘space’.


Winter Tunic

Winter Tunic Front

Winter Tunic Front

I drafted a new tunic and started making it right away.  Too impatient for a mock-up, I feel along the way to keep it flowing and it all matched up very well. Five different fabrics in total but equally as balanced right through.  Black fabric is Marcy’s Black Parisian Microfiber Knit, with black eyelet pleather edging.

Side view with MacBeth Bamboo from Marcy

Side view with MacBeth Bamboo from Marcy

Side view with missoni-ish print

Side view with missoni-ish print

Winter Tunic Back

Back View with large spot

The pocket was machine stitched from the inside. I used lingerie FOE (fold over elastic) for the top edge.

Winter Tunic Volcano Knit pocket

Pocket in Marcy’s Volcano Knit

I finished the neck edge with the same fabric as one of the sleeves – completing in a fiddly ‘twisted band’ effect.  First time i’ve managed to do this in a WIDE band.

Winter Tunic Twisted Band

Twisted Neck Band

I’m going to cut a length from the stripe for a scarf. Will wear this with black boots back in Perth – winter of course!