My Waterfall Coat B5808

new2Fits perfectly after the pattern alteration.

newThe inside of the fabric is reverse and brighter

Waterfall Coat Side…and the sleeves can turn back to match the ‘waterfall’ front.

Waterfall Coat insideInside – all seams finished with freshly made silk/cotton bias

Waterfall Coat Fr1

I first saw this cozy coat on Burdastyle, a member had posted their sewing project, the only person I have seen on this world wide web do a post on this particular pattern.  I loved the look of this soft falling coat and this particular Burdastyle member cemented the idea that I had to make it.  The only thing is why is there no other review of this coat?  Well I did find 1 more review and it was very bad, the oversize of this pattern rendered it a ‘sack’ .  Lucky for me I took this review on board and pinned it together and realised where I could make it work.  Hopefully this will help others with this pattern B5808.

It says I would need 3.5 yards for L size.  I cut it in the same width fabric in only 2.6, so that was awesome.  The fabric is an Anna Sui Wool blend from Mood Fabrics.  I have to note here that Mood Fabrics ignored 3 emails from me trying to order it. International ordering is very frustrating through Mood Fabrics. In the end I used MyUS to move it for me, this cost only $10 that MyUS charge me to do the order, then of course the freight from US to Brunei is NOT cheap.

That sorted, the fabric has arrived and I have altered the pattern by simply shortening not where it suggests on the pattern, but right across the upper chest/back/armhole. Pictures below. Then cutting the back pattern into more of a straight coat, not the flared look the pattern would have me make.  The front is loose enough.



Same parallel lines at the top of the Back here.


…and finally the sleeve. Because the entire depth from the shoulder to the lower armhole was huge. I’ve taken 4cm off the depth.

Now for the fabric. This wonderfully soft Anna Sui wool jacquard can be used either side.  I wanted the pockets in this coat, so I could not make it reversible. Never mind, the inside shows on the waterfall collar! Also I did french seams (flat felled seams), just looks neater, as this is an unlined coat.

Fabric below, and photoshop image I have made to get a visual.  Now I will go away and make it, and will post once completed.  Looking forward to wearing this with jeans and boots!


Ann Sui wool blend