Marcy Jacket V8620

Made this jacket 6 months ago for the Tilton trip to Paris with the Tilton sisters.  But I see Mood Fabrics still has the fabric available.  Was awesome to work with this – stretch cotton

If I could wear skinny jeans I would have made them too, just because I could.  But I can’t, I have trunks not branches….

So here is my take on Marcy’s jacket, locally found satin for lining (difficult to find non-blingy fabrics in Brunei). Finished with a Riri zip.  I left the sleeves  without the cuff, but I like either way. Special attachment below on the zipper pull.




The body is in two pieces. This gives a very flattering shape to the jacket and the body that wears it!

just sleeve left

The sleeves are in two pieces, this gives a truly shapely sleeve and wears like a tailored sleeve. Nice touch.


side view


clever pocket, almost can’t see it

photo 1

white animal print satin lining

starfish charm on zip

Final touch, a starfish charm on the zipper pull.