Marcy Tilton B5891 pattern in printed LINEN

I decided to make a few linen garments back in March, since I’m living in Brunei, and linen is a wonderful option in tropical high humidity heat.  I was heading off to Paris to meet with Marcy and katherine Tilton (and a good kiwi friend), for a week of fashion and fun.  So I made Marcy’s vest pattern, very funky and quirky lines, deliberately falling in whimsy ways!

The pictures here show the vest straight out of my suitcase, and it stood up very well during packing.  I love this vest!

B5891 front

I can wear ANY colour under this garment. Great with jeans, black pants or linen pants.

B5891 Side View

B5891 Side View after taking the side in HEAPS

B5891 back

Back view

B5891 back n bag

…with my new Groom Bag I got from Marcy. WHAT a bag. love it

rustic buttons

Rustic buttons

I did not line the collar band but certainly will the next time, because unless I have the buttons done up to the top, the band flops open and you can see the inside, not that it matters with linen, the print almost comes through .


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